about me

So, this is this so called “Schiraki”…

My real name is Stephanie Bünger, I was born in 1987 and live in germany. But at the internet, I am mostly called “Schiraki”, its more catchy then the 10.000 “Stephanie” and you use nicknames here anyway.

Like many other artists, I cant remember if there was a time I wants creating. I drew since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand but admittedly what I was producing in those years was far from something you could call “art”. But since my childhood, I cant put my pencils away.

The pencils is my most loved medium but I challenge myself regularly by using inks, gouache, pastels, watercolor and many more (even coffee and wine have been used for painting).

Digital art, is nothing new for me too. I draw, create 3D renders and many more, using my graphic tablet.

The genres I most identify with, are fantasy and animal paintings, but this does not mean I wouldnt try myself on other genres. I like the challenge and the drawing process itself.