Here you can see a small commission history and what you have to expect when commissioning me.


Before I start the commission, we have to talk about what you want to have exactly and what kind of shipping do you prefer. Do you need the picture before a certain date?

In the best case, you already have references of what you want to have drawn (photos of your character or pet ect.).

When we answered all these questions, I can start drawing.


I will give you my payment information. Inside of the EU I highly prefer bank transfer but will accept paypal if you live at the united states for example.

As soon as the money arrives at my account I will start the coloring.

ATTENTION: Please don’t try to send me money via paypal as “friend or family”. I am running a business and use a business account on paypal for that. I can get in trouble if I would accept a payment like that. If an artist asks you to send the money like that, you should realy be carefull if this isn’t a scam.



exaple for a concept

Before I start sketching, I will send you concepts where we can define the pose and the arrangement of the scene.

At this stage we can still change everything and we can even start over again completely if you don’t like the idea at all. You will have a total of 3 free changes, or new concepts

These 3 changes have been enough most of the time, if we can’t get where you want with the concept and we are out of the free changes, we will have to talk about an extra fee for all following changes.



example for a sketch

As soon as the concept is clarified, I can start sketching. Things like pose and scene are fixed at this point. Small changes on pose and/or proportions are still possible.

Like the concept before, the sketch can be adjusted 3 times for free. Please tell me everything that should be changed in one message if possible, so we don’t use up your free changes for something that could have been fixed easily.

Like before, you can buy more adjustments for an extra fee if you should not come along with your free ones.



example for a finished work

Please be aware that I can’t change the sketch anymore at this point. As soon as I start coloring, I can’t rearrange the scene or adjust the pose. It might be possible to make small adjustments at the color, but most of the time, I can not take color back from the paper, that’s already on it.

I always work in colored pencils, but I might use some othe media, like gouache, watercolors and inks to achieve a certain effects.

If you wish, I can send you a digitalized version of the painting as well as the sketches and concepts.

If I work digital, there are a lot more changes possible afterwards, then in my traditional works, like changing a color or detail.


Does not apply on digital works.

As soon as I finished you work, I will send it to you as we discussed it. I will pack the artwork as safely as I can to prevent it to get damaged in the shipping process, but I am not able to protect it from all circumstances. As soon as I gave the pakage (or letter) to the post I am not responsible for anything that might happen to it.

If you payed a high price for your picture, I highly recomend to ship it as a package not as a letter. If you do so, I am able to send it inside a very stable tube that should prevent it from getting damaged, it is insured by the post and you will get a tracking number.

I don’t pay compensations or refunds if the package gets damaged or lost.

If you want to be 100% sure you get your work safely, you can talk with me about a personal handover.