Welcome at Schirakis Illustrations!

Here you will find my portfolio, other gallerys online, contact informations and all about commissions and me.

Feel free to look around and have a nice time!

Visit me on Twitch!

Every four weeks I stream on the Lurch and Lama Twitch channel and try to get others interested in painting. No previous knowledge is necessary, just switch it on.

Every two weeks I can be seen in the Pathfinder Lets Play “Journey to Ilvarandin”. Follow Mariano, Dustin, Saskia and me into the Varisia underground under the direction of Jens Ballerstädt.


Visit me on Discord!

During the week I regularly stream directly from my studio. Do you feel lonely or want to watch me at work? Jump in and chat with lots of lovely people.

You can find me in the channel “Künstlerschnack”