Here you will find selected examples for my work

Over the years I produced many works of many different genres.
Showing them all would simply go beyond the scope, so I selected some of those, which I think are most representable.
If this is not enough for you, you can find more of my works in my online gallery’s or social media.

fantasy-thumbFantasy and Anthro-Art 

Dragons, fairy’s and other fantastic creatures are captured here on paper. Fantasy knows no limits, so all impossible beings gather here on mythical places.


A gallery for the humans best friends. Here you will find pet and wildlife portraits of everything that crawls and flies.

kindliches-thumbChild-book-like Illustrations

Illustrations that could be from a children’s book: Friendly, funny and maybe a little bit naive. Here you will find pictures with childlike themes and statements, sometimes held simple, sometimes full of rich details.