Here you will find a selection of pictures and projects I have been working on in recent years. Since I adapt my style to the project, the works sometimes differ greatly, but remain consistent within a project.

The first folders are collection folders, which is why the pictures can also differ in their style. These are mainly individually commissioned pictures.

Below you will find the folders for the individual projects.



Collection folders

Character portraits and illustrations designed to capture the essence of a character.
Fully fleshed out scenes, landscapes and covers
Designs and illustrations of animals and creatures
"Chibis" are small, cute cartoon characters. Simple but very expressive.
Reference sheets that record the design of a character and prepare it as clearly as possible for other artists.



Blutige Segel
Illustrations for the trailer, stream setup and social media presence of the project in collaboration with Lurch and Lama.
Viking Deathsquad
A graphic setup and an image for social media advertising that was created for a Twitch stream.
Lurch und Lama
Here you will find the logo and some graphics for use in the shop, social media and merchandise from "Lurch und Lama GbR"
Ilvarandin calendar
A calendar created for the role-playing stream "Journey to Ilvarandin" 2021.