Blutige Segel

I have the great pleasure of being a part of the Bloody Sails project. Authors, musicians, miniature painters and many more have come together to put together this Pathfinder campaign, which is published bi-weekly on Twitch. Right from the start I was asked if I would be the creative lead for the visuals of the campaign and the artwork itself. It was clear that not only would a lot of pictures be needed, but that during the ongoing adventure pictures would be added again and again at short notice. That’s why I suggested a simple style that can be realized realistically in terms of time. Also, we had to assume that many people wouldn’t be watching the stream on a big screen, so it was important to me that the characters and graphic elements would still be legible on a mobile phone screen. This great trailer was created together with Dustin from Hitdice. The composition of the elements and the animations are by him, the graphics by me.

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